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Online Auction Software - FAQs

Important Notice - This page and all other pages under the footer area is within the complete control of the Web site Administrator. Please do not make change to this page until you purchased our software.
Is there a risk free trial period?
Yes.  Send us a request and we will setup an free trial account for you within 24 hours.
How do we know that your software works?
Don't take our words for it.  Give it a try at no cost or check out our customer testimonials.
Can you custom design it the way we wanted it?
Absolutely Yes!  Send us your custom design requirement specifications and we will send you back a quote.
Do you provide installation support service?
Yes!  Just sit back and our team will take of it from A to Z.
What about custom coding?
Yes.  Our software is tested and it's proven to work as is.  However, if you need us to do some custom coding to make your site unique.  Yes, we do.
Do I need training to operate and manage the website?
Yes and No.  Most of it is self explanatory.  However, it would be quicker and easier for you to have us trained you doing it the right way.  On the average is about 3 hours of total training and that's all you ever needed.
How much am I paying for the hosting?
We recommended that your online auction site to be hosted with a dedicated server and the smallest dedicated server you could have is about $165 per month with a $95 per month for technical support and maintenance.
Is there any other cost besides the one time cost of the software and the monthly hosting?
Can we outsource the entire site operation and maintenance including setting-up auction and running it ?
Yes.  If you are too busy to run and manage your site, we do have a team to take of it for you.
What are your office hours?
A. Our office hours are from 9AM to 11:30PM.
What payment methods do you accept for purchasing this software?
We accept check or money order or credit card or PayPal.
Are you able to put together other alternative payment plans if I decide to purchase a full package that includes installation, hosting, long-term technical support, customized development/programming services, etc.?
Yes, we are very flexible on payment terms.
How easy it is to manage my website each time?
Very easy. Contact us for a demo.
Who owns the website?